i woke up this morning and had it easy.  sunshine, a slice of quiche and cuppa joe at the local cafe and met a lady visiting from virginia, a brilliant english teacher with a penchant for good coffee, old books, and happens to be a good friend of jill of those people i just fell madly in love with instantly.  she left, i wrote in my journal, drank more coffee. and got up to leave. an old man asked if i was writing – he was so surprised to see someone with pen and notebook.  i smiled and we chatted and then i headed out into the winter sunshine.  it’s brisk here but the sun is out.  i took my dog to the end of the block (as far as she can manage) where she met a puppy who was, of course, madly in love with her and my girl with her ounce of energy did her best to play with her bossy mama bark.  but her back legs barely work so we had to go on our way.  the chickens gave two more eggs – still warm – and i video’d them clucking and snapping bits of dandelion from my hands.

and i came home and read some blogs.  reading blogs of others and i’m constantly amazed of how some try drawing so much attention to themselves, how avoiding of truth they are, how utterly sarcastic, how extremely self absorbed, how overexposed – and how many respond in kind. i haven’t figured out how to describe it but there are the bragging stories of how badass they are, overly descriptive of their sex lives, overuse of obscenities, casually talking how much they drink/smoke/fuck/whatever.  mocking others with such an air of superiority, with ‘sardonic wit’ they think they are showing, with this underlying lack of kindness. and clearly show how afraid they are of being real, being seen.  yet i don’t feel sorry for them.  not one bit.

maybe i’m an old fashioned girl. give me truth, give me reality, give me no lies. show me you are kind, generous, humble.  show me you listen and are not out there just to be heard, to be applauded.  i’ll take my naivete as some call it, i’ll take purity and i’ll take simple moments of sweetness.  any day of the week.

Humility and knowledge in poor clothes excel pride and ignorance in costly attire. ~ William Penn


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