knowing.  i rode home in the rain, relieved. physically exhausted, mentally neutral.

earlier today i found the roads messed up and put everything in ‘do whatever i want’ mode.  rode up to the house to see my neighbor friend walking down the street and joined her at the bakery across the street for a pastry and hot chocolate and to hear her stories  she is going to italy in two weeks with her partner and i am so excited for them.  he has never crossed the atlantic and i know will be changed by this experience. i don’t know a person who hasn’t been affected deeply by traveling.  she busts out with the funniest things and it was a nice way to start the day.

then i cleaned out the garage.  found some random scraps of metal and put them out on the curb and they were gone within an hour.  stared at the two solid fir doors that originated in the house, and are now waiting to be repurposed. they’ll wait til spring.  brought in my treasured chaise lounges from the back yard, organized the garden tools, camping gear, bicycle accessories and hula hoop (yep that’s what i said).  got a few eggs from next door, weeded, raked leaves, clipped the holly tree down a bit (the bastard must come down but until then i’m reminding it that i know its there, grrrr), and contemplated transplanting the strawberries.  but didn’t.  swept it all out, put it all in, made some sense of things, exhaled tremendously at the end.  went into the backyard and trimmed the tomatoes to keep the energy going towards the reddening ones in this september.  and realized my legs were giving out.  exhaustion setting in.

so of course then i got on my bike.  but while it was a light rain i had a feeling i’d better go stock up with a forecast calling for 5 straight days of rain.  got so warm that i ended up wrapping the rain jacket around my waist and riding home in my tank top…felt great though!

i haven’t thought of all that much today – the nice thing about physical labor.  i didn’t really want to.  after so much mental challenge at work this week, i just wanted to sweat and get shit in order, to put it simply.  i cleaned my bedroom, i cleaned the kitchen, i cleaned the garage.

but there is so much more to do.  oy oy oy!  but right now i’ve put in my time, pulled out a dvd, and am listening to the pouring rain.  that’s it.  that’s saturday.  i’m neutral.


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