Non-Fried Green Tomatoes: 3 ways to save these from the compost bin!!!


Is this what your kitchen counter looks like? Optimistically hanging onto green tomatoes in bags or on the counter, hoping they’ll join their red friends and become marinara-ready? Or worse, did you toss yours into the compost bin, feed them to disinterested chickens, or even leave them in the garden, daring them to shrivel up on the vine as October moved its way in, using a ‘survival of the fittest’ mindset? Not interested in fried green tomatoes?

Well I’ve got three green tomato-focused, seriously delicious recipes I wanted to share with y’all that are my mainstay for this time of year, NONE which involve the name of that movie from the early 1990’s (but hey, no offense to the movie, I love it through and through, from the honeybees to the cinematography to, of course, Kathy Bates’ infamous “I have more insurance” line in the parking lot).

Green Tomato BreadI adore anything you can make a bunch of and freeze, woo hoo! I also prefer this recipe in particular because it purees the green tomatoes instead of chops them like other versions, and because there’s nothing weird like raisins in it (sorry folks, but I have zero tolerance for raisins in my house unless it’s for making mole!). Only tweak to this? Use brown sugar, not Splenda. Artificial sweeteners suck.

Savory Corn and Green Tomato Cakes My absolute favorite of the three, thanks to this recipe from Jackie Garvin’s blog. PS – when I’m wanting some protein I’ll mince up some bacon to add in there as well.

Green Tomato Pickles, AKA “Tom Pick s”I usually make a batch of these every year at the tail end of canning and they are a nice tweak on the pickled this-and-that out there. Plus I nicknamed them after my dad, who passed away 11 years ago this November, and that’s always a good thing. Check out the link for four awesome varieties by fabulous longtime blogger Garden Betty!


Me and my Dad

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