Nutrition over Drugging

Want to prevent tooth decay in your kids? Stop giving them sodas and sugary drinks and foods!  Stop filling their sippy cups with juice and give them good, clean, pure water!  Check out What the World Eats if you want to see what the average American has in their kitchen versus other countries.

So you probably have figured it out that I’m against adding fluoride to Portland’s water.  No matter what the science debates are out there, the facts of the matter are this:

* They’re trying to force all people to ingest something that 50% of the population have said HELL NO to in surveys.  To add a drug to the water (fluoride is not a “nutrient”, it’s a fertilizer byproduct) is extraordinarily unethical and in direct violation of human rights. Why are they not banning GMOs, or HFCS, or all the toxic foods we’re ingesting?

* Fluoride banned in many countries – seems like Europe is usually far ahead of us in environmental and social progress and yes, here is another fine example of that.

* In a time where our Mayor is slashing police and fire budgets, where schools are up for closure, etc., this type of taxation is asinine.

* Oh, and it just came out in the Oregonian that pro-fluoride special interest groups pressured facts to be altered to look like we’re going through a “dental crisis” in our community which is an outright fabrication.

It’s interesting, I posted an article on Saturday , and a follower (and former coworker!) had the nerve to insult me and tell me I’m being “selfish” for being anti-fluoride, and actually harangue me online for voicing my opinion.  Yes, this is a polarizing subject, but resorting to personal insults?

Sure, maybe I’m selfish for our environment and the fact that this chemical is supposed to be used topically – not swallowed and that I don’t want to therefore ingest it (my teeth are just fine thankyouverymuch) and then have it go back into our water.  Maybe I’m selfish for the kids who are being treated for fluorosis. Maybe I’m selfish for wanting Portland’s clean water to remain free of chemicals and taste wonderful.  Maybe I’m selfish for a person’s right to clean water.  For a community’s right to clean water.

You want fluoride?  I’m not telling you not to use it. I’m telling you that you cannot force it on me, that’s all.  I’m telling you that I care more about our environment – the one that supports ALL of us – more than anything else in the world.  Without a healthy planet, we’re all screwed.  It’s not exactly time to start drugging the water.

See below if you’re still not convinced:



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