on the front of my mind

seven years ago you were told you would not live. we met you and you saved me. through the worst moments of my life you were there, happy to see me, wiggling, leaning, sighing, lap-dogging, drooling, licking obsessively, nudging me, eating grass, protecting your domain, keeping an eye on mama, chasing cats, snoring, inhaling your food, barfing it up, eating it up, slurping water, shaking off the suds, chasing squirrels, galloping after seagulls, escaping out car windows, barking at wheel of fortune, farting more than any dog i’ve ever known, climbing up on countertops for a doggie sundae, eating the recycling, sneaking an entire bag of tortillas, getting skunked then dashing through the house, trotting up trails, leaping into water, jamming food through your muzzle, wearing the cone while i iced your leg, being so brave, being so full of love.

my daisy girl.


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