one a.m.

this is the kind of thing that makes me smile.  finding someone who will come out and play at the strangest hours.  a friend of mine came and swooped me up and we went for a ride, zipping around on his scooter looking for a good place to look at the stars.  the perseid meteor shower was in full swing tonight and while i’m nowhere near the country, we ended up down at the park and laid out on the grass and looked up at the stars and passed the time.  so maybe we saw 5 or 6 tops, but it was fun to chill.

i’ve had things running through my mind, good and bad things, stuff i want to think about and stuff i have been avoiding, matters of the heart and mind and soul and really…it doesn’t matter.  it matters that it’s summertime and i have a roof over my head and good people near me and a life that has been in beautiful and awful places but in the end i can take off my shoes and walk barefoot in the grass at midnight and feel the wind in my hair as we curved through the city streets.

i come home, i escape under the heat of the water, and i decompress with my words.  after all, tomorrow is friday and on saturday i shall have the lovely peaches.  i’m a girl in the summertime… that never gets old…


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