Before + After: Depaving Half the Driveway!


BEFORE: The south side of our house has always been a very long driveway. No car, just sun radiating up onto the house keeping things uncomfortable in summer and just lookin’ ugly. (This photo was taken about five years ago when I had a “driveway garden” – before I removed the evil ailanthus “weed trees” and built my raised beds in back.)


DURING: Last year I thought “why do we need such a long driveway? It’s not like even when I had a car I parked in it!” With that and the “transitioning” nature of our area of town, security was also really important to keep folks from trying to break in again, so my husband and I thought, heck, let’s just take half of this out! We saw a couple other homes with shortened driveways and teeny garages like ours which were used as garden sheds, and hired some big dudes to take this out in a day. We set up a temporary path and laid out a ton of wood chips to keep the ground from becoming a mudpit in the rainy winter.


AFTER: Now we’ve got the fence built around the area, and it’s allowed our backyard to wrap around the house and give us more privacy and a ton more garden space!!! Big props to GardenCraft here in town for a seriously beautiful job!


AFTER: A peek inside. Even with four inches of woodchips the rain did a doozy and it’s a little mucky so I have more coming in from the arborist site ChipDrop. I will post another “before and after” in the summer after all our planting is done in here and we’ve got a pretty path from the shed to the gate.


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