Overabundance in the Garden: Swiss Chard Lasagne

so really, when else in life can you say that yellow veins are cool?

Okay so I think chard is cool.  For me, it’s a recently acquired taste.  I have come to dig it all tossed up in a good vinaigrette, and occasionally sauteed with bacon.  But, really folks, was it an excuse to plant 24 seeds that would ALL come up?  Sheesh!

That is, until I made Swiss Chard Lasagne this week.  Not only is it insanely tasty, the chard sautes up so tiny that you can easily use two bunches instead of the called-for single bunch in the recipe and still not be overwhelmed with greenery.  Here’s my version…and for kicks, I’ve added links to the ingredients that are store bought in case you’re curious what I’m using…

1 box spelt lasagne Organic olive oil from the bulk aisle 1 to 2 bunches of chard from the garden, stems & leaves finely chopped 4 cloves garlic from the garden, finely minced 1 cup lowfat organic cottage cheese 1/4 cup organic  half & half 1 egg from my friend down the street who has ducks Salt & Pepper from the bulk aisle 2 tbsp pecorino 2 tbsp basil from the garden 2 cups mozzarella

Preheat 350.  Boil lasagne and let sit in bowl of cold water to avoid sticking.  Heat oil in skillet over medium, adding garlic & stems, cooking for 4 minutes.  Add leaves and cook until wilted, 3 minutes.  Mix  cottage cheese, egg, pecorino, salt& pepper, and basil.  Brush casserole dish with oil, then layer with noodles, then cheese mixture, then chard,  then noodles, then cheese, then chard, then noodles, etc, making sure at the end there’s a whole bunch of mozzarella on top!   Bake 20 minutes and wait 5 min before cutting & serving.

NOTE:  this flattens up a lot when it cooks so don’t hesitate to double the entire recipe if you want a “taller” lasagne!!


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