Oz Escape, Part II: St. Kilda

Gorgeous architecture on Grey Street

Well, ya know what yer gonna get here, don’t ya.

Love the little pockets of neighborhoods between busy areas with little cottages and the sounds of tons of birds chirping…of course, could never afford even the cheapest lots!

Great architectural detail on the cottages

Incredible chai at one of my favorite breakfast places, Fitzrovia.

My sweetie in his new t-shirt I brought from home 🙂

Love this home’s exterior fence.

The obligatory shot of Luna Park. May end up checking it out (it’s almost as expensive as Disneyland for a basic amusement park, though) we’ll see.

Sunset at Port Phillip Bay – gorgeous evening but to be honest the beach was strewn with litter – plastic water bottles everywhere, including floating in the breakwater – and horrible teenagers getting in fistfights, bumping into us with no manners, and just a general icky feeling. The sunset made me smile though 🙂

Gorgeous evening sky as we watched the sunset over the bay. We had gone over to see the penguins but I was *disgusted* to see that there were hordes of people jammed up only a foot away from this poor penguin that the “tour guide” was shining a flashlight over, completely disrespecting this poor animal’s boundaries and nest. I was sickened at this gross mistreatment of animals that they brag as conservation. Would YOU want hundreds of ignorant tourists in your space with a light shining on your nest? Ugh. Could not believe there weren’t protective barriers keeping the public away from these poor creatures.

Luna Park


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