Oz Escape, Part XVI: Daylesford

Bits from our weekend in Daylesford, where we took the train to for a long weekend. A bit spread out but fortunately we found a way to cab it when my foot was giving me trouble and lots of delicious nibbles!

Lake Daylesford – so gorgeous! We had the lady at Bocconcini deli put together a picnic for us with a charcuterie from Istra, antipasto, ginger beer, and other tasty treats. Mwah – perfecto!

loved finding these…

ahh, nature…

i love magpies!

Yep, he climbed a tree for me just so I could snap a faux-contemplative shot 🙂

spotted along the path…

sulphur-crested cockatoos spotted on the walk back from the lake

Breakfast at Cliffy’s which also is a great little emporium where I picked up some mango-saffron jam made locally with Australian mangos (SO incredibly good)…

spotted this gorgeous statue at the Secret Garden Nursery – would love to find something like this in Portland for the garden!

Ah yes and we did visit the famous Convent Gallery, a former convent built in the mid 19th century. Current and recovering Catholics – AND agnostics like myself will love this – beautiful location, gorgeous art showcased weekly, the delicious Bad Habits Cafe where I had a piece of gluten-free mandarin orange cake, and the seriously Catholic “Nun’s Museum” in the basement. Very cool.

my favorite bronze statue in the gallery…

my absolute favorite painting in the gallery…

At the Station House B&B where we hung our hats. Kind of overgrown but quiet and peaceful, and we had the whole place to ourselves being the weekend before xmas.

The only selfie we managed to get that we both looked halfway sane in 🙂

closest I could get to one of the many red & blue parrots all over…so gorgeous and not as squawky as the cockatoos! not sure what they’re called though…?

this fella was quite serious (love great woodwork don’t you?) 🙂


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