Oz Escape XIX: Last Day in Melbourne

For our last day in Melbourne, what I asked for was simple: a day at the beach, a glass of wine, and an evening with family.  We headed over to my favorite little beach in Middle Park on a perfect 75 degree day to play in the water, sat outside and sipped pinot grigio at the nearby hotel, then headed over to my sweetheart’s sister’s home for a relaxing dinner.  We ate soft tacos, made ice cream sundaes, and played Pictionary.


Middle Park beach

an oh so stylin’ fella I got 🙂

tons of kite surfers on the water…and far less crowded (not to mention cleaner!) than St Kilda

taking in the sea

while we’ve definitely seen our fair share of ups and downs over the last couple of years, one thing is certain: we have emerged stronger, truer and closer than ever. he’s my best friend and i’m his and there is nothing and no one who will come between us. bring on 2014!

The awesome sis and niece showing how much they love American ice cream sundaes 🙂

after 23 hours of traveling, we see the clouds above home. home sweet home!!


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