Passing the Mic: Jennifer Lopez sings for Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, and all of us!

This morning was epic. I bawled while cheering for our new President and Vice President. And I was happily surprised at how tremendous JLo's performance of Woody Guthrie's This Land is Your Land, mixed with America the Beautiful, and of course, Let's Get Loud. And yeah, I did take pictures of the TV while watching these indelible moments in our history.

Today, we exhale. Today, we start anew. Today, we breathe in positivity and push for the change so desperately needed in our country. Today, and from this point on, we shall move forward with love in our hearts, we shall fight for justice and accountability, and we shall not rest on any laurels. There are too many battles ahead to sit still. No complacency. No silence. No walking away when things get tough. It's time to do more, to be more, to love more.

Let's do this.

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