Post-BFN Getaway: Yachats!

Lots and lots of time to just do…whatever. Our 4 days in Yachats were really, really good and really, really needed. A quiet little cheap motel right on the beach with a kitchenette to make our own meals, waking up to the sound of the ocean, being able to walk out the door and be steps from the sand, enough dry spells to get in some great walks and explore some new spots we didn’t get to during last year’s visit, and of course seeing our girl Ruby happy as a clam. Yay for beach holidays!

I love going to the coast in the off season. While it’s a bit cooler, the ocean is much wilder which makes it way more fun to hike and explore the area…not to mention there are very, very few people around which makes it very meditative (and great for photography). From top left: the crashing waves at Smelt Sands (asked Dan to stand here so you could see how high the waves were hitting the rocks, haha), Spouting Horn, the frothy water that looks like a massive load of laundry being done at Cape Perpetua, the awesome Thor’s Well that I’ve been wanting to check out forever (the waves were so nuts this was the closest I could get with a long lens), and the bridge over Cook’s Chasm. Seriously rad.

And even more time just lollygagging on the beach. We even got a few brief moments of blue sky before the clouds came back. We even had a rainbow one morning after a long rainy night, it was awesome. (And yes, that’s our girl Ruby again in her smart red polar fleece coat – no, we’re NOT the types who dress our dog, but with her Cushing’s it means she’s only got one thin coat of hair so this keeps her torso warm on those chilly mornings.)


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