Post Election To-Do List: Take Your Pick!

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The amazing, talented, brilliant, wonderful Gwen Ifil has passed away from endometrial cancer. As one of the two women in the first female anchor team in broadcast news, she was a hero to so many, and the epitome of journalistic integrity. I am, again, heartbroken.

Yeah 2016 is coming to a close in so many fucked up ways, but here are some ways you can make things a bit better…as Slate reported:

“In the age of Trump, small, individual acts of charity are going to be more necessary than ever. There’s a strong chance that over the next four years, much of the American social safety net will be badly damaged if not outright shredded. Congressional Republicans have been waiting for the entire Obama era to realize a radical restructuring of American government. They want to slash taxes, particularly on the wealthy, and slash spending on the poor…the latest House budget plan would eliminates $3.7 trillion from programs that benefit low- and moderate-income households over a decade.”

  1. Join me and many others and donate to Planned Parenthood in Governor Mike Pence’s name. Seriously. The SOB who’s Trump’s VP wants to defund PP as well as imposed tougher restrictions on abortion for women in his state of Indiana. How to do it? Simply go to PP’s website and donate online “in honor of someone special” and have them send the notification to: Office of Governor Mike Pence, State House Room 206, Indianapolis, IN 46204-2797. Support women’s health and the right to choose what we do with our own bodies. Our bodies, our choices. Period. Remember, Donald Trump has vowed to put in a new Supreme Court justice who will support overturning Roe v Wade (for those outside of the US, this is what legalized abortion over 40 years ago), so PP needs our help more than ever.

  2.  Another way to support women, stand up to Trump and Pence’s misogyny, and make a difference? Buy a Nasty Woman t-shirt from Bob Bland (an awesome female-owned small business in NYC) where the proceeds benefit Planned Parenthood!

  3. “With Trump as president-elect, I feel for the first time that my America exists somewhere out there. And as I hear people lamenting, and read endless social media posts about the collective shame and disappointment, I ask myself, “What am I going to do about it?” I loved reading this guest column in the Oregonian by the daughter of an immigrant, Akeylah Hernandez, a first time voter, who wrote a beautiful letter to Hillary Clinton. Remember, we can still show our support and gratitude to all of the women who have paved the way for us. We must never forget how far women have come in this country, and while it has been way slower than any of us want, I will remind myself that when my mother was first married, she couldn’t get birth control or a credit card on her own. She was, as many working mothers back then, without a college education, forced to start out in the steno pool (anyone else have a mother who wrote coded notes in shorthand?). My 92 year old neighbor Annie has shown me her final poll tax receipt, which she’s kept framed on the wall. Hell, even I have seen the change in my own adult life as Anita Hill’s case brought attention to workplace harassment (another example, like HRC, of an individual loss ultimately pushing forth change at the macro level).

  4. Very proud of Portland being one of 18 sanctuary cities and our incoming Mayor Ted Wheeler !  Is yours not one of them? Write &/or call your local officials and demand their participation. Let’s get things rolling, y’all…

  5. Excited to hear that the American Civil Liberties Union is seeing a massive spike in donations as well since the election. Here in Portland, their annual meeting tonight was standing room only. Fuck yeah. While I hate that it took this to make it happen, I appreciate so much the efforts of my fellow citizen to make it known – loudly – that we will not be bullied by the Trump/Pence hate brigade. Donate to the ACLU here!

  6. SO incredibly proud of the Portland Public School students (and their supportive parents) who walked out this week and marched in protest. So incredibly disappointed at the outgoing Mayor Charlie Hales and the school administrators who have been telling the community that protesting “is not appropriate”. Fuck ’em. Keep the civil disobedience going, students!

  7. And looking ahead at 2020, I am LOVING the attention bestowed upon the first Indian-American/Latin-American Senator, Kamala Harris, as a prospect for the Democratic party’s presidential nomination. She’s been a badass in California for years and now she’s taking that to Washington. And I love this: “What’s important for my daughter to know is that… if you are fortunate to have opportunity, it is your duty to make sure other people have those opportunities as well.” We need to keep encouraging women to take what Hillary and Gwen and Toni and Maya and Kamala and Gloria and so many others have said and turn that into action. What are you doing to encourage women and female solidarity? What are you doing to encourage everyone towards love and kindness?

So there you go, just a few things to inspire in a time where many of us just want to get the hell outta Dodge. I’ll leave you with the words of two more amazing women, Toni Morrison and Gloria Steinem, uttered in the wake of the election, to contemplate…

“It may be hard to feel pity for the men who are making these bizarre sacrifices in the name of white power and supremacy…The comfort of being “naturally better than,” of not having to struggle or demand civil treatment, is hard to give up. The confidence that you will not be watched in a department store, that you are the preferred customer in high-end restaurants—these social inflections, belonging to whiteness, are greedily relished…So scary are the consequences of a collapse of white privilege that many Americans have flocked to a political platform that supports and translates violence against the defenseless as strength. These people are not so much angry as terrified, with the kind of terror that makes knees tremble…On Election Day, how eagerly so many white voters—both the poorly educated and the well educated—embraced the shame and fear sowed by Donald Trump. The candidate whose company has been sued by the Justice Department for not renting apartments to black people. The candidate who questioned whether Barack Obama was born in the United States, and who seemed to condone the beating of a Black Lives Matter protester at a campaign rally. The candidate who kept black workers off the floors of his casinos. The candidate who is beloved by David Duke and endorsed by the Ku Klux Klan.” ~ from Sixteen Writers on Trump’s America

“It does feel like a vote against the social justice movements that have made so much change and actually changed the majority opinion.” Steinem…understands how it happened…“A man will say to me, ‘A black woman took my job.’” “But, who said it was your job?” she says in reply…”It’s a sense of entitlement that he has that he was brought up with, that he deeply believes — and it’s going away.”…It’s going away because of the diversifying of America, which Steinem says deeply excites her. “We’re going to understand other countries better, it’s going to be a more interesting culture…But to him, it’s profoundly threatening. Because he was raised to believe he had a place in a hierarchy that was inevitable.” ~ from Gloria Steinem Says Donald Trump Won’t Be Her President


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