Pretty Hate Machine?

Yep, following the path of Devo’s Mark Mothersbaugh and Oingo Boingo’s Danny Elfman, our boy Trent Reznor is really, officially, I-swear-ta-god, an Oscar winner for movie scores.

And, I gotta say, has become Way Hot since his sweaty past twenty years with Nine Inch Nails.  But a girl must always remember The Only Time and Down In It and That’s What I Get.  I remember buying the twelve inch singles and then the full album in my junior year in high school, trying to get my friends into this music that was both hardcore in lyrics and style while still being totally danceable.  (Young ‘uns, this was at the edge of time before Grunge hit and everyone stopped dancing for fun, before everyone was grinding on each other in clubs and before mosh pits became a jock excuse for violence).

Enjoy a before and after set of shots below, and make sure to turn up the luscious NIN on the player to go with this blog, babies…mmmm, a little Trent in a suit, good stuff.


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