Resolutions for 2021 (...and every year!)

Living my best life from a young age...

Repeating what I have in years past when it comes to resolutions, I choose that rather than a particular 'to do list', refer instead to my favorite list of reminders on how I want to live better each year I live...

Love myself more. Be courageous. Be more of myself. Help myself by helping others. Give myself a break! Explore the world. (Pandemic version: explore the natural world near my home!) Own my existence, my pleasure, my journey. Remind myself of my goodness. Remind others of theirs. Smile at strangers. (Pandemic version: say hello, compliment someone or simply make small talk!) Be grateful every single day. Observe. Take risks. Focus on what and who I love, and remember the rest will take care of itself. Happy 2021 to you and yours!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!


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