Rotten Friday – Bike Thieves Suck

Well, I ran out of my house to hop on my bike and go to my Friday yoga class.

Only to find out my garage had been broken into (cut through the metal holding the lock) and BOTH my bikes were stolen.

(And my cordless power tools).

I have lived without a car for over four years and my bikes were my primary form of transportation.  When I bought my new hybrid a couple of years ago, I kept the mountain for snow riding, and for visiting friends & roommates who didn’t have a bike of their own.

While fortunately I live near bus lines, the walk to the non-crappy grocery store is over a mile and biking is usually a lot faster than the bus.  Plus it was my primary form of exercise.  And these were my babies.  And they were MINE.  Two people came in and obviously rode them away, because my roommate’s 2 bikes were not stolen.  Yes, I’ve filed a police report and it’s on‘s stolen bikes page, and I’m checking Craigslist, but…fuck.  What a fucking birthday gift.

These things also terrify you because someone is on your property, going through your stuff.  In 2007 my house was broken into through my bedroom window, with my Rottweiler home, during the day.  They obviously left in a hurry because of her but did get away, ironically, with my power tools (that were in the house, not the garage), and left their break-in tools in my bedroom closet.  I didn’t sleep for over six months.  These people are horrible.

Fuckers left my bike helmet behind.


my beautiful norco indie hybrid with disc brakes and lovingly covered with my favorite stickers over the past couple of years, the trusty bike basket and the way i loved how it sped me even faster than my old mountain bike when commuting downtown, going to the grocery store, or just weaving around the neighborhoods to go see friends…i miss her terribly.


and then my classic old, beatup Giant mountain bike which I got back in Santa Barbara, which got me through the snowiest of days here in Portland and was the first bike I ever rode a real bike commute on to and from downtown, with the rock n roll stickers and the cushy seat…I miss you.



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