same heart, new perspective

perspectives change and lessons are learned and when i look back i am grateful for the moments that shaped me, even when at the time i never thought i’d quite recover. i found an old blog diary entry from one year ago today and the picture i took of myself as i tried in my wounded self to figure out how to sustain myself and release those ghosts. these are the words i repeated to myself and the song i put on repeat to drown out any feelings of doubt:

sometimes it feels like everything will be looked upon later as who I was before and after my father died…it’s all about choices, following your bliss, surrounding yourself with those who nurture your soul and push you to greater heights… 11-19-08

and i was right. i appreciate myself now. i forgive myself more often than i used to. i am not afraid to tell people how i feel and know that each day is so damn important that it’s always worth putting yourself out there, giving of yourself and sharing the love in your heart.

Are you ready to jump

Get ready to jump

Don't ever look back oh baby

Yes, I’m ready to jump

Just take my hand

Get ready to jump


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