saturday 9:28am

this morning i sat on my deck and typed out poetry i looked up at the tree and saw a squirrel madly stuffing himself with nuts gathered from the tree across the street and she watched him, patiently i looked across the way and saw an orange cat trot down the street headed towards where her feral kittens were hidden away and she raised her head, softly grumbling i looked over and saw a bluejay, pecking as he tried to open a newfound snack and she looked over at me.

and the tears wouldn’t stop.

she can’t see so well her hearing is almost gone and her bones are weary her bottom teeth are almost worn to the nubs and her hair is falling out in patches thin bits of gray replacing it when she walks it is more of a totter and sometimes one leg drags behind her

but i remember bringing her home for the first time in the back of the white mazda 626 windows down she farted the whole way home – toxic i tell ya i took her to the ocean she hid behind my legs the first time, afraid of the waves and then i watched her run galloping for miles down the santa barbara coastline, back and forth as the seagulls taunted her eventually she learned to play with other dogs in the surf valiantly trying to keep up with the retrievers and spaniels she would pick up the other end of the stick, try to carry it with them i took her to the butterfly preserve and she’d meander just like her mama i took her onto the beach to where the horses were she loved introducing herself to the big dogs we rode up i-5 back to my hometown and lived in an attic while i searched for a home she tried taking over the mattress on the floor we slept on that didn’t work so well so i got her a small house and a big yard it’s all hers it’s all for her she has a best friend down the sreet named roxy she has a little boy whose face she loves to lick

she is my girl and in two months she will have been my best friend for 8 years every day is precious i love my girl


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