Saturday Shares

Welcome back to Saturday Shares!! Here's what I've been learning about this past week!

  • Sustainability No matter what # 45 says, renewables are growing like crazy. Former coal mines are being turned into solar power plants in Texas along with a ton of other red states like Florida, and that is something SO incredibly rad. I can't believe it's been a decade now since I recruited for the smartgrid team at the government agency employer I used to work for, when none of this seemed truly like it'd ever get off the ground. Knock on wood!

  • Equity 10 Major Threats to Aboriginal Land is a great introduction to understanding what the indigenous peoples of Australia have been dealing with over the past centuries due to the impact of white settlers/invaders on the land. I came across this when reading about the impact of gold and other forms of mining there of which 80% is conducted on Aboriginal lands and where there is ongoing pollution of groundwater and dangerous practices that have left the land torn up to fill the pockets of wealthy mining companies reeking with white privilege.

  • Creativity Have you found yourself getting artsy in one way or another during the pandemic? Maybe not writing the great American novel or taking up painting, but doing new things you never thought you'd try? We definitely have in the kitchen - this holiday season we are going Peruvian with our menu and are learning SO much about the cuisine that we had only tried a few times during our former city life (and loved). What the response to Covid-19 can teach us about creativity is a great article about how minds and lives have been stretched in new ways.

  • Simplicity When I married my husband at 40, one of my vows - to myself - was that I would not wear shapewear during the ceremony. l wanted to be comfortable in my hella cool purple dress that I chose! Along with that, I never wanted to feel like I was not okay just as I was in that dress, lumps and all. It's something that society does NOT make simple. We are told that our imperfect bodies should not be revealed, and are shamed by magazines and other media for our real bodies. As Orit Avishai from Fordham University said in a piece for CNN, "The culture that gave us Spanx holds us to impossible standards of beauty that even the sveltest women cannot meet (just think of all the Hollywood stars who are always trying to slim down)...When we wear shapewear, we buy into messages that equate women’s power and abilities to the size and shape of their silhouettes."

  • Discovery I've always been a huge fan of Isabella Rossellini, not just as an actor but in her perspective on life. This recent article in The Guardian highlights her love of learning, particularly getting her master's degree in animal behavior, and accompanying funny AF videos explaining it to others on YouTube. "It was at this point that she decided nothing would intimidate her and that she would do everything she had always wanted to." Talk about inspiration for life, y'all.

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