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Not a bad mantra.

Here are a few tidbits I've come across over the past two weeks I thought were worth sharing in relation to the five points I like to address on my blog...

  • Sustainability Tomorrow I'm going to show you a project made out of 100% repurposed materials, and with that in mind, here's 25 Clever Ways to Reuse Your Workshop Scraps. I bookmarked this eons ago then pulled it up this week again to brainstorm some new project ideas for winter and spring. So much of the time we see these ideas and while they're not ones we'd duplicate ourselves, they help us to look at that miscellaneous "stuff" we have lying around in new ways. Way cool I tell ya.

  • Equity "The Hollywood dictatorship had a clear underclass: women. From casting to production to their private interactions with stars and studio heads, women were barraged with propositions, assaults, and assumptions that they were sexually available. At the time, there was no concept of workplace harassment, and women were expected to endure scrutiny and sexualization in order to get work." Check out this History Channel piece on the origins of the "Casting Couch" culture in Hollywood and the prevalence of rape (including the likes of Clark Gable) that the world turned a blind eye to back then and where #MeToo would have simply been laughed off...or had one blacklisted.

  • Creativity It may not be in my neck of the woods, but I love to see women entrepreneurs doing creative and fun things to stay afloat during the pandemic...while also being mindful of the planet! Check out this piece on Slutty Vegan's expansion in the Atlanta area. Check out the creativity by artists using Etsy and other platforms to share their work in new ways. Think of new ways you can explore the creative in your own life. Way cool.

  • Simplicity I've found a really cool site for auditing where I'm at and getting ideas on how to take simple living to the next level. When you google 'simple living' you find a LOT of blogs that are just glorified ads for Amazon, which I hate (both - blogs that are thinly veiled ads and the evil corporation based in Seattle). So it was a relief to find a site that is not only simply designed (walking the talk) and not shouting "affiliate!!" at me when I went to it, but also had a TON of food for thought. Some of it is aimed towards those like my friends M&M who are living the tiny house life, but much of it can be applied by anyone of any age, in any type of living situation, from rural to city, from apartment to farmstead. Go to and willingly fall down the rabbit hole of ideas and inspiration. As someone who thinks our house of 2,200 square feet is WAY too big (I refuse to buy stuff to 'fill it up') yet where country living has simultaneously saved our sanity during the pandemic, the coming year will be about taking our financial plan to pay off the mortgage to the next having 100% of my income go purely to principal. And next-level simple living will get us there.

  • Discovery I am so madly in love with this story in The Guardian that shares the discoveries of other folks have experienced in their gardens around the world during the pandemic, with the additional time home that many have had to observe nature, learn about pollinators, welcome wildlife, and so much more. This past year we chose to let our pasture grow long and it became a mecca for not only pollinators, but a place for field mice to scamper about, and where I'm pretty sure a few of our local deer came to both rest and birth their fawns in the tall grasses. And a bonus result was THE best tasting honey we've ever gotten as beekeepers! We cut the grass in the fall to continue to mulch the area (it was a horse pasture before and because of that, very tamped down) as well as ensure the baddies like Scotch Broom and Tansy that try to take over are shaved to the ground (if we can't manually pull them out) so that the native plants can continue to get a better shot at growing. Now we just hope our hives survive this very rainy (but mild!) winter for the first time since we arrived at the Coast 3 years ago this July!

“It is not a daily increase, but a daily decrease. Hack away at the inessentials.”

~ Bruce Lee

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