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Along our section of the mighty Columbia...

Boy this week sure did bring some peace with the inauguration of Joe and Kamala. Exhaling for sure. And while I'm not nearly as confident in the community in which I live, where my next door neighbor just died of COVID-19 on Monday, where I witnessed a man verbally and then try to physically assault a woman at Fred Meyer after she asked him to pull his mask up (not to mention the C-U-Next-Tuesday in the same store not wearing one at all and giving me a dirty look

Here are a few tidbits I've come across over the past few weeks I thought were worth sharing in relation to the five points I like to regularly address on my blog...

  • Sustainability The timber industry is full of greenwashing, y'all, and the State isn't helping. Check out ProPublica's investigative piece on how Timber Tax Cuts Cost Oregon Billions, Then Polluted Water Drove Up The Price. There's a lot of misinformation out there coming from the forestry industry that acts like replanting and tree farms are the cure for their legacy of wanton destruction of our forests, wildlife habitat, and poisoning of our streams, rivers, and groundwater. That and the close connection of millionaire-led groups like Timber Unity with the last administration, including a number of members participating in the domestic terrorism at the US Capitol earlier this month? Learn about the truth of what the industry has done in our country, and here on the North Coast.

  • Equity I must say, finding this 2019 piece spoke to me so loudly I had to share it. AOC's Call for Abolishing Billionaires is Deeply American is...oh,just read it. She rocks. As usual.

  • Creativity Cooking is all about creativity, and doing it 8+ miles away from the nearest grocer means you don't want to ever have to leave for a single ingredient. So I love finding recipes that provide alternatives (and healthy ones, at that) when you're out of one particular ingredient, including this one for how to make a Garlic Alfredo Sauce - without cream! Considering we prefer either non-dairy or goat milk (the latter almost exclusively for hot chocolate cravings) in our household, this ended up being an awesome solution for the homemade pasta my husband made recently...and total yum.

  • Simplicity "Smaller but magnified" is a great way of looking at the pandemic and how our relationships have evolved. Holly Justice's blog post about the little things we have begun to notice in our shrunken pandemic world was one worth sharing. As she pointed out, "Our world is magnified when we sit in our backyards day after day. All of a sudden, we can see the ants at work, those birds who live in the bushes, and that bug that we never noticed before. It’s all smaller but magnified."

  • Discovery The other evening, my husband and I were watching the 1980s classic Amadeus and while I'd always just accepted powdered wigs as some strange unexplainable fashion from back then, finally I decided to look up the origin of men's wigs back then...and it was even gnarlier than I'd guessed. One word: syphilis. But check out the article anyhow. Learning about the roots of why things are the way they are in our society? So important...even if it is seemingly meaningless at first glance.

“For there is always light, if only we’re brave enough to see it. If only we’re brave enough to be it." ~ Amanda Gorman

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