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While back in the big smoke they are iced in, the weather has warmed well into the 40s here and we even got a random 10 or 15 minutes of blue sky. Go figure! But I'll take it as I'm not a fan of Northwest ice and freezing rain, not even close. And considering I just seeded my first round of spinach? Y'all I'm ready, so ready, for spring.

Here are some cool stories and such that I've come across over the past couple weeks I thought worth sharing in relation to the five points I like to regularly address on my blog of Sustainability, Equity, Creativity, Simplicity and Discovery...

  • Sustainability Did you know that Alabama has a 60,000 year old underwater forest? Neither did I! “From a scientific perspective, it’s a goldmine of information that we just don’t have access to anywhere else,” one scientist said...and of course knowing that you can also nod your head in a sad lack of surprise that yep, greedy bastards are also trying to salvage and sell it. They are now trying to get it named as a marine sanctuary, and with the new administration actually caring about the Earth, hopefully this will happen sooner rather than later. Click here to watch the video about the discovery of The Underwater Forest.

  • Equity I was heartened to hear about how South Korea is standing up for women forced into sexual slavery ("comfort women") during WWII . Japan refuses to take accountability or pay reparations and, as one can see in the news, the condescension towards women still lives and breathes in its leadership in a country that does nothing about sexual harassment and where incest is not a crime and rapists get away with it. Living in a country where a serial rapist made it to the highest office in the land and got away with it along with inciting domestic terrorism and sedition? It's not just Japan that needs to get its sh*t together.

  • Creativity One of the most fun things that we've salvaged from the neverending shitshow that is the pandemic is the fact that we've gotten even more creative and adventurous in the kitchen! From our delicious Peruvian holiday celebration for just the two of us, to learning to make new Laotian cuisine, to our own wine, liqueur, beer and more. So that's why I get a HUGE smile when I read stories about other DIY Chefs and the things they've decided to just make themselves rather than sourcing/purchasing elsewhere. Having tried my hand at cheesemaking and partnered with my husband on charcuterie projects for these past several years, building much of our own furniture (best compliment ever? the wife of a woman my husband works with looking at it and thinking it was an antique!) and trying so many other new things from scratch (protein powder for my husband? check! drying orange and lemon rind myself rather than buying it from the spice aisle? check! popping popcorn for the husband in the cast iron skillet? check!), I'm fully of the opinion that everyone should try the DIY way once when it comes to the is seriously addicting, to the point where I can't even imagine not having a jar of rendered lard by the stove, mustard I've not made myself, or relying on delivery for a subpar pizza when making it at home is soooooo much more delish...!

  • Simplicity Small but not miniscule - I am LOVING this tiny home (check out the video for the tour, it really shows how well space is used, doesn't have a loft - I've never liked 'em either! - and isn't uber-modern)! One of the things my husband and I think about is how our farmhouse, without the family we'd planned, is already way too huge for our needs, and how someday we'll downsize to a little cottage...or something littler? We shall see.

  • Discovery If you have a home office with printer, you know how loud the groan is when you realize you have to fork out a stupid amount of cash for a new toner cartridge. So I love tips on how to make that expense less...and with that, be more sustainable as a bonus! So learning that choosing certain fonts (i.e., Century Gothic instead of Arial) could make a difference, not to mention

“You want another word for "provoke?" How about: "incite."" ~ Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer 2/13/2021

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