Say Thank You

peace sought

peace, i’ll rediscover it soon, i’ve got to.

just say thank you.  remember that article?  dammit, just say thank you.  when the skies seem darkest, i gotta say thank you.

* thank you for this sweet dog i get to spend the week with.  for his suspiciousness of the tv, checking it out from all angles to see where the people are hiding.  for his constant tail-wagging.  for his letting small children come up to him and hug and love on him.

* thank you for this heart of mine that opened itself up and learned to be vulnerable with the one i fell in love with.  no matter what the end result, i found that it was possible to open up after many many years of self-preservation mode. my hopes now are that i don’t close all the way back up after this ending.

thank you for just having hit the 20 pound mark in my weight loss after sitting just below it during these past few weeks.  i’ve become more conscientious of how i nurture my body and am turning more and more to my words, both in talking to people i trust and in the written form, as an outlet for my frustrations.

thank you for the wonderful, diverse, interesting coaching clients who have come to me seeking assistance.  it is a pleasure to do what i can to help you take steps to get you where you want to be.

thank you for my friend R who came out to my neck of the woods to drink wine with me last week and offer her friendship and complete non-judgment when i admitted my vulnerabilities.

thank you for my friend M who, even in her busy life, has still made time to listen to me and cry on her shoulder as i found myself dealing with this heartache, who has always that magical combination of love and protectiveness and unconditional support for me.

thank you for the recent work that has given me the opportunity to again work with my first client as well as create a buffer that enables me to focus more on my community work.

thank you for this home that keeps me warm and provides sanctuary out of the pouring rain and cold of late autumn, and the simple books and photos that remind me of what’s real.

thank you for the knowledge that while some may take advantage of my trust and my love then chuck me out like yesterday’s news, I know that I’m the better person for being pure of heart, that karma always prevails – what goes around comes around, and if you are truthful, you can heal.


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