she said

today she told me i was a great woman that i was her biggest gift and her biggest loss she looked inside my soul and reached into my heart i cried when i got home

today he called me vivacious how do i do it, he said i laughed and said be yourself don’t ever pretend to be something you’re not they’ll see through it.

today they came to me to advise, to counsel, to recommend i am grown

today i’m supposed to read words aloud but i am alone i want someone to take me – am i being spoiled?  should i do everything solo? i feel like i’m failing to not do it but who really cares i am weary and scared and need to listen to a little griffin twang…

i need to bury my head in an embrace but i feel no strength

it’s all two degrees away.  open a vein and squeeze me dry. i need refilling.

Well I been down and I need your help I’ve been feeling sorry for myself Don’t hesitate to boost my confidence I been lost and I need direction, I could use a little love-protectionWhat do you say, honey, come to my defense?

I’ll stand up for you if it’s what you need and I can take a punch, I don’t mind to bleed As long as afterwards you feel bad for me And you give me all of your attention I got deep desire and it needs quenchin’ I think that’s pretty plain for you to see

Hell, enough about me and more about you cause that’d be the gentlemanly thing to do I hope you like your men sweet and polite I thought I was done with telling you but I ain’t nearly halfway through I got a few more things I’d like to say to you tonight

You don’t need to change a thing about you babe I’m telling you From where I sit you’re one of a kind

Relationships, I don’t know why, they never work out and they make you cry But the guy that says goodbye to you is out of his mind

You always did kind of drive me crazy and pissed me off ‘cause I let it faze me But I never wanted my time with you to end

~griffin house


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