Snow Day!

Y’all who live in the Pacific Northwest or other places where snow is not a way of life during winter can appreciate our excitement when it is in the forecast. Fortunately, it came on my husband’s day off, starting out being forecasted as an ice storm and ending up with about an inch or two on the ground – the perfect amount to blanket everything nicely, get classes cancelled for the kiddos, and bring everyone out to play. My back continues to heal, not where I can go cartwheel down the street or build snow caves, but this week marked being able to take a couple of short, slow walks around the block with my husband and dog, which have increased my optimism significantly. While I didn’t have my camera out to snap shots of our favorite neighbor kiddos (age 4-7) who we engaged in a pretty decent snowball fight with, here’s a bit of a look at my escape from a fairly housebound past couple of weeks…along with a very tired mastiff who was a bit overwhelmed by snowballs, snowflakes that wouldn’t rub off her face and being chillier than she’d prefer, as her beloved fleece coat that protects her belly (her Cushings disease means she doesn’t get a second layer of fur in the winter like most dogs), causing her to trot right into our neighbor’s house and refuse to leave without a dog biscuit bribe…



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