so ready

last summer i slept in the back yard during the heat wave roommate had the basement rented. how did i let that happen? ultimate sacrifice but somehow it helped my body realize it could deal with 90 degree sleep in unusual ways. when you have a roommate there are things you have to adapt to even in your own home. so, needless to say, after 10 months of roommates last year, you all know what the first thing was that i did. even though it was november. yep. every last article of clothing. bub-bye. ahhh, that was it was so warm i wore a loose fitting flowy black short sleeve top with my favorite yummy jeans and my jacks. big sunglasses and not a care in the world. i may be drifting in various seas looking and wondering and thinking aloud…but i know where i am.

i swear. i just found everything i need. the sweat in your eyes the blood in your veins are listening to me. well i want to wrap it up and swim in it until i drown.


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