It was a good, emotional, proud moment as a citizen to be part of Occupy PDX for its first two hours. After some particular issues with my health insurance costs (ironic huh), I sat in and joined a diverse group of Portlanders to listen, to share, to speak. It’s one hell of a beginning, if we all then vote not only with our ballots but with our pocketbooks. Too many people complaining about corporations yet still giving them their money, and the more directly we vote in this way, the more power we have as a movement, as the 99%.

i am fortunate.  i have a decent job.  i work for a company that is growing.  i might have no savings following past layoffs, but i am still here, i am still paying my bills. i am teaching others how to be better at looking for jobs, at interviewing for them, at representing themselves.  but i can do more.  i should do more.  i must do more.  and in everything i do, i must clearly reflect my beliefs, my heart, my love for this world i inhabit.

much to be done.  what have you done today?  what do you want to do?  what is your resolution?


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