Solstice prep continues

crab and artichoke dip received a good portion of the results, with a handful tossed into a spicy crabmeat dip, one that i’ve adapted into a non-dairy version using the tofutti sour cream (seriously, not bad) to accommodate a friend who usually gets little at parties due to her dairy allergies (can you imagine no cheese in life? sigh…). i lucked out with a final handful and mixed it up with some mayo and dijon and white pepper, slapped it onto a lovely piece of sunflower bread, and blissed out for lunch.

this morning i started out prep with spanakopita. little pastry triangles of butter soaked phyllo, filled with spinach, feta, olive oil, and herbs from the garden – happy happy. then i had to commit and get started on the multi-layered process of truffles. pumpkin bittersweet with some allspice and cloves and cinnamon, mmmm. just about to go in and roll them in cocoa and will dip them later on tonight, with my first ever attempt at rolling truffles in crushed hazelnuts – a mess guaranteed but a tasty one. picked up some lovely mushrooms which are marinating happily in the corner, and in a little while i’ll be cooking up the teriyaki meatballs.

love this kind of day – with my mind usually full of way too many thoughts than necessary, spending a day in the kitchen with the hip hop on (cook it AND shake it, y’all) is just what i need to find a little solace in a world that still confounds me no matter how smart i feel some days.

laiddddd back…rollin’ down the street…I don’t love you hoes, I’m out the door….beeeotch!

um, can you guess what’s on the stereo?


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