Staying Organized During Long-term Remodeling – How We Do It

“How do you keep track of everything?!” is such a common question I’ve gotten over the past year and a half while both living in and extensively remodeling our farmhouse – AKA ‘building it from the inside out’ – that I thought, dang, why not just put a visual out there of how we stay sane through everything!

* Our $20 whiteboard is the BEST, let me tell you! I picked this up almost as soon as we moved in and mounted it on the laundry room wall, a perfect spot since it’s right by our back door. This is where I track our current to-do’s in each room of the house, and yeah, I color coded it (very Monica Geller, right?). And I also like to keep measurements of “future stuff” up here – weird things I wanted to measure for projects down the line that I did NOT want to have to measure again – like the entire circumference of our ‘medium’ pasture! Furthermore, this is very cool as it’s magnetic so I can tack on current design ideas (on this particular day I took the photo, we were showing our tile guy a layout idea for our main floor bathroom), etc.

* Google Drive! I’ve been using Google Docs/Drive for 8 or 9 years, first for work and soon thereafter for backing up a lot of both home and business documents. When we moved in last year, my mind was RACING with so many things that needed to be done, so with that I created what we call The Big Giant To-Do List with literally everything we want to do both inside and outside of the house, from every possible renovation to things we want to plant in the garden and everything in between. I also have another file documenting what we’ve planted (ever have one of those ‘what the heck is that bush/flower/vine?’ moments…? I do…all the time!), and another what house renovations we’ve actually done in a working timeline so we can look back and see all the work that’s been done on it, where we bought the items (or if we built ourselves), who our contractor(s) were, paint colors used, etc.

* And finally, the Free Notepad app on my phone for the immediate things – not just my grocery list and remodeling bits ‘n’ pieces, but also things like dimensions (“if I ever run across a really cool ____, what are the dimensions it needs to be?”), music I’d like to someday buy, and things I want to do on my next trip into the big smoke (i.e., Portland for us, where we get good ingredients, great plants, and other fun things) as it seems there are ALWAYS places I need to stop by when I’m in town and when it’s 4 hours’ round trip? Gotta have these things logged.

Maybe a bit more than some like, but I hope these ideas inspire! What keeps you organized in your world?



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