Stepping It Up

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been documenting my eco-actions, and have been able to see my personal evolution.  Good – Better – Best.  And that’s the way to look at what you do when you’re trying to incorporate more sustainability – start with small changes, work with what you have, and add/change in bits and pieces.  Eventually you’ll look back and wonder how you ever held those old/dead habits – and realize how many aisles in the grocery store are just full of stuff you don’t need anymore.  You’re greener both in practice and in wallet 🙂

A few examples of transitioning…

* Napkins -> 100% Recycled Paper Napkins -> Paper + Cloth -> Cloth Napkins  Only * Paper Towels -> 100% Recycled Paper Towels ->Use Only Dishtowels & Old Rags * Shampoo/Cond –> Biggest size (less packaging) -> Organic -> Refill bottles in Bulk Aisle * Dry Goods -> Biggest size -> Bulk Aisle -> Bring Your Canisters & Note Tare Weight (no bags!) * Driving -> Fuel efficient vehicle (40mpg+) -> Reduce to 1 car & replace 2nd with Zipcar membership -> Bus or Bike to Work -> Sell your car & rely on bus, bike, foot & carshare!

In regards to the home, I’ve been evolving as a gardener and a landscaper (ooh sounds fancy!) in the 5 1/2 years I’ve owned my home.  In 2006 I moved into a home with a giant grass filled back yard and two huge ailanthus dropping seeds that stank, and a front yard full of grass as well, with another ailanthus shading out half the yard and dropping pollen all summer long  The only consistently sunny place was the driveway.  Yikes!  But, over the years, I’ve evolved….here are a few photo stories of how things have changed…


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