summer girl

Well I won’t guess Whats coming next I can’t ever tell you’re The deepest well I’ve ever fallen into

– wilco

 middle of a sunny day and i sit here, words keep streaming out yet i should be doing things, they say, go out and enjoy this fine summer’s day, young lady!  and yet i am, curled up with a book after a morning catnap, nibbling on green apples and letting my mind be still. i feel him in the early morning, he is sleeping next to me and unaware that i have stirred.  i turn around to face him, feel peace in his nearness, and close my eyes again.  he knew i’d awoken, and lays his hand on the curve where my waist turns into hip and smiles that small smile, one that’s more in his eyes, just for me to see.  he lets me tangle my legs in his. i don’t like to know where one starts and another begins, as our stories are intertwined, wrapping around the world and ending in our own private idaho.

he doesn’t ever look at me with disappointment like the last one, and he doesn’t have a backup plan in case things get too intense, like the one before.  this man asks me for more, for god’s sake. 

and i’ll gladly give him everything, because he knows from him, all i want is everything. 

he’s the cool rain after a tumultuous day, the voice that makes me know it’s going to be okay, because he’s got my back. 

he’s the one that i don’t have to worry whether he’s got the rest of his life in order, i don’t have to worry that he’s dependent on someone else’s pocketbook or refrigerator or acreage or liquor cabinet. 

he’s self-built, taken a licking and keeps on ticking. fighting for the underdog, like i do. 

wildly opinionated, yet with a quiet and observant streak all mixed in. 

i laugh a little louder but he’s the one with all the words.  we both love our boots, but i wear mine in a way he can’t resist. 

he can talk to me about cooking in a way that makes me forget about food.  i can write him a letter that holds him close to my heart. 

and we both know, that nothing in this world is ever truly known. 

but we will keep on asking the questions.


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