Summer Holiday: A Bit of Stumptown, Part II

We did a lot on our holiday but we also played around town a lot as well as did a ton in the garden! Here are the final set of shots from our awesome vacay 🙂

the daisies are rockin’

an incredible Cuban dinner at Pambiche (don’t you just dig the side of their building?!) – one of the many incredible meals we enjoyed these past 3 weeks!

my honey the badass, chillin’ in the corn field

gorgeous! taken by my fella with my li’l digital…

This “party hat” corner is downhill & makes my property line stick out funny and now is done – 7 years later! Dan designed this, including purple smokebush and others in a dark purple to green color palate…I can’t wait to watch this grow!

one of his flowers, a dark lily, mmm!

check out how freakin’ tall our sunflowers are now – dang!

pretty pretty 🙂

going to pick blueberries on Sauvie Island on the last day of our holiday…

showing him my favorite way to pick blueberries on the hot summer days – get under the bush!

and yes, he managed to snap moi on our walk today 🙂

checked out the old pioneer cemetery, kind of awesome!

and today as the weather mellowed a bit, we found a shady spot in Cathedral Park to have a picnic of fresh fruit, homemade potato salad, vegan pudding, tea & soda, and each other’s company 🙂

me n my love

Life is beautiful.


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