Sunday, Sunday

being awake til 4:15am canning in an 82 degree house is never a picnic.  i nearly turned down the opportunity to go on a friend’s boat with a group of her friends because i was afraid it was one of those situations where you get stuck out there, in the heat, no escape from the sun, etc., and i was feeling like doo doo anyhow from the previous evening’s heat exhaustion.  thank goodness she convinced me to come – it really, truly was a yacht.  top deck, main floor, downstairs bedrooms, the whole shebang.  8 people there and you wouldn’t know it there was so much room.  and the columbia river was good to us. we docked on government island and spent the afternoon doing those awesome run ‘n’ jumps from the dock, from the yacht, riding waverunners (my first time, i almost forgot to breathe!) in the perfectly cool water and swimming over to the beach.  we bbq’d (i brought marinated portobellos) and my friend made homemade vanilla ice cream, which we scooped big spoonfuls of my just-picked peaches and blackberries on top of – YUM.  i took a nap in the late day sun, and with 30 spf i came home overheated physically but with just a slightly browner shade of skin – no burning, woo hoo!  we left around 7:30-8:00 and the cruise back down the river at sunset was so lovely.  sitting with my friend on the front (bow?) of the yacht as it made its way in the warm summer breezes, wow, what a lovely moment.  best memory though?  being with my friend and another of her friends where we all did the running jump into the water for the first time, not knowing how warm or cold, just going in straight and coming up laughing hysterically and swimming back to shore. staying cool on a 95 degree day and being around good, fun, unpretentious folks – yet also not feeling ‘stuck’ – priceless.  so, without further ado…my sunday, sunday…


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