switched off

before the end

before the end, she had hope

and just like that, the light was switched off, even when she was told it was impossible to do so.  and just like that, her heart was shredded, even when she was told it would be kept safe and warm.  and just like that, her body collapsed, shook, vomiting memories and springing forth all the hurt she refused to believe could ever come from that man. and just like that, she was the caged bird who could not fly out. and just like that, everything she thought she knew was erased.  and just like that, the glimmer was gone, replaced with glassy eyes and disbelief.

and just like that, it was a december she could not face.  through time and tide and words and air, there was nothing that she would ever be able to know for real after he said what he said.  and just like that, she was lost rather than found.

“i know its been a long road but hey what a destination”.


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