Ten Scary Facts About Mitt Romney

It terrifies me to see any of the Republicans possibly having a chance in the upcoming elections.  Many of you, like me, grew up watching 12 years of Reagan/Bush fuck up our economy by plunging us into massive deficits, catering to the rich, nuclear arms races, environmental destruction, and stripping civil rights; then watching Clinton balance the budget, rebuild the economy, and get us back on the path for the environment and for the rights of all people; and then see the fraud of the 2000 election where the state led by the brother of the Republican nominee just ‘coincidentally’ made the ‘legal’ decision to give the votes to Bush, even though Gore won the popular vote by over half a million votes.  And we saw where 8 years of GWB took us – massive recession, 9/11, nearly an entire presidency spent in war, attacking a country unprovoked, stripping all of the advancement in environmental protection, and generally fucking over the country to benefit himself and the bastard motherfucker of a VP who could give a shit about anything other than money.  So when that finally ended, our country at its knees economically and socially, we voted in Obama.  (Note:  I voted for Ms. Clinton.)  And while Obama took the wrong approach in trying to compromise with everyone instead of taking advantage of the Democratic majority his first year – because as we know, when you compromise politically, BOTH parties lose – Obama has the highest record of legislative success of any president of the past 40 years.   Oh, and if you think Mormonism is a tame, ordinary religion? * The Equal Rights Amendment was defeated with help of the Mormon church. * Three words: Mountain Meadows Massacre, which they tried to blame on Indians. * Duh, polygamy (for MEN that is) * Mormon scripture ‘curses bad races with black skin’ * And then there’s the homophobia and the sexism… * Coerced tithing * Baptism of thousands of Holocaust victims * And the most obvious – it’s a lobbyist/financial group masquerading as a church

It’s like a Scientologist running for president…and here’s the freak leader of the ‘Pubs…I’ll take Obama any day of the week over these freakshows…

Don’t be Fooled: Ten Scary Facts about Mitt Romney October 31, 2011 By Tex Shelters

Mitt Romney, for many in the mainstream media, is the model of the moderate Republican. But don’t be fooled. There is nothing moderate about the current Republican party. A party who questions verified science on global warming because it interferes with their corporate profits. The Republican party ignores biological facts, doing their best to ban contraception because in their perverted minds, contraception leads to fornication. They think that if we just ignore the natural urges to procreate, they will go away. The Republican party believes that taking from the poor and giving to the rich will lift all yachts, and it’s your fault if you’re poor. A true moderate would leave the Republican party, not run for their presidential nomination. So without further pontificating, I present:

Ten Scary Facts about Mitt Romney

1. Mitt Romney’s business history features eliminating jobs, not creating them. He was one of the founders of Bain Capital, a firm that buys companies, pulls out the valuable assets, and then bankrupts the firms while making millions in the process as thousands of workers lose their jobs. Do we really want a man who made money by bankrupting firms as the head of our nation? We don’t need this job destroyer in the highest office in the land.

2. Mitt Romney will say and do anything to become president.

He is most famous for his change of heart on global warming. As Governor of liberal leaning Massachusetts, Romney pretended to be concerned with the environment. Now as a Republican presidential candidate, he is a global warming questioner, if not a denier. At the Consol EnergyCenter, he said “My view is that we don’t know what’s causing climate change on this planet.” Do we really need more “drill baby drill” and more wars for oil?

Romney has also flipped on collective bargaining, once undecided and now in favor of a law that restricts labor rights in Ohio.

He once thought abortion should be “safe and legal” but now wants to repeal Roe V. Wade.

He’s also changed his stance on Reagan, immigration, taxes, stem cell research…and on and on.

Romney has no convictions, and to win the nomination, he has to give the far-right control of his positions. If elected, he will he as demagogic, anti-labor, anti-rights, and pro-war as the far right wants him to be. Four years of Bush should convince most Americans that we don’t need another right-wing puppet as president.

3. Mitt Romney is willing to overturn Roe V. Wade. In fact, he is on the record favoring a repeal:“I’d like to see Roe v. Wade overturned and allow the states and the elected representatives of the people, and the people themselves, have the ability to put in place pro-life legislation.”

He also favors parental consent laws and wants to defund Planned Parenthood. (ibid) What’s worse is that his brother-in-law’s sister died in a back-alley abortion in 1963, and he’s still anti-choice. How power-hungry must you be to ignore your family’s suffering and stay in a party that will cause more back-alley abortion deaths if they have their way and repeal Roe V. Wade?

4. Mitt Romney touts Reaganomics, the fantasy that tax cuts lead to jobs and economic growth. He joined the “don’t tax the job creators” bandwagon for his run for the Republican presidential nomination.

Like the rest of the herd of anti-reality amateur economists running for the Republican ticket, he would double down on the tax cuts and spending cuts to social programs, leading to a permanent underclass that is the dream of the Koch brothers and their ilk.

5. Romney is anti-labor and anti-worker. He opposed The Employee Free Choice Act saying it was dangerous and lied about how giving unions more rights to organize would have a negative impact on our global competitiveness.

While attacking unions as the cause, or potential cause of all our economic ills, Romney ignores the corporate dominance of our economy, the credit default swaps, the outsourcing of jobs, the diminution of regulations and the avoidance of taxes by the Forbes 500. Romney has made millions off of a system of inequality and corporate dominance of our economy and has no impetus to act differently as president. Moreover, Romney, with all his Wall Street experience laying off people to make a buck, will be more efficient at funneling the wealth upward than his Republican counterparts.

If unions are as bad as Romney says, why does Germany thrive with them? Perhaps it has something to do with a social contract between the German state and the people who work together towardsprosperity for more than the 1%. Perhaps it’s because they have a health care system that works for most people. Perhaps it’s because people and corporations, pay their share of taxes to keep Germany strong. Or perhaps it’s just because Germany doesn’t have a Republican party.

6. Romney is under the mistaken belief that free trade with everyone will create jobs. The most famous free trade agreement, NAFTA, has not created the expected jobs. Some even say it has cost us jobs. Romney now wants to have more trade agreements with low wage, low environmental protection nations in Asian, which would do nothing to improve labor standards for Asians or Americans.

Proponents claim that free trade agreements (FTA) increase trade to our new partners, and Romney is a true believer. However, U.S. trade with non-trade pact countries has risen faster than trade with FTA nations.  Again, Romney would accelerate job loss by promoting “free” trade and ignoring domestic infrastructure needs. And as a Wall Street insider, he has the skill to sell us this faulty package.

7. Mitt Romney is in the pockets of Wall Street, and we don’t need another one of those. Romney has received twice the dollar amount in donations Barack Obama has received from Wall Street according to the FEC. This highlights why so many have joined Occupy movements across the nation, the corporate purchasing of the White House and Congress.

George Bush sold deregulation that Wall Street insiders in his administration pushed. Romney would not only promote the Wall Street and banking solution, he is one of them. It’s hard to think of a president that could do more damage with deregulation than George Bush did in his time in office, but Romney very well could outdo W if he becomes president.

8. Romney lies about social security and will take it down to please his corporate cronies. Romney, the “reasonable Republican,” parrots many false Republican party lines from “Social Security cuts are popular,” to the lies about the solvency of the program. He would cut the program many of us have invested into in order to please his base and win an election. Again, he would put corporate profit above people.

9. Romney thinks “corporations are people.” At the Iowa state fair, Romney was called out as he talked about fiscal solutions.

  • Romney: One is we could raise taxes on people.

  • Audience member(s): Corporations!

  • Romney: Corporations are people my friend.

Not only is Romney promoting this lie about corporations being people, he’s patronizing the audience. After some challenges from the audience about corporations being people, Romney continues,

“…of course they are. Everything corporations earn ultimately goes to the people. (Audience laughs.) Where do you think the money goes… (audience: In their pockets!) Who’s pockets…human beings.”

Romney scoffs at the idea that corporations aren’t people, one of the most dangerous modern falsehoods ever perpetrated. This lie helps corporations avoid taxes and allows them to donate to political campaigns, have lobbyists, and fund PACs without limit. It is one of the fundamental causes of gridlock and corporate dominance of our politics. And Romney promotes it without hesitation.

10. Mitt Romney wants us all to retire later. His only “solution” to the manufactured “problems” facing Social Security are to raise the retirement age. He would not lift the cap on Social Security taxes for those making over $106,000, he would not adjust payments to the top 1-20% nor promote other revenue enhancing or cost saving measures to strengthen the program. So while Mitt and friends can retire early on their Wall Street windfall, he wants the rest of us to work longer and harder. That’s NOT a solution; it is passing the buck onto the 99% once again.


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