The Bees Are Back in Town…


After a devastating loss of BOTH of our hives two years in a row – which can only be attributed to colony collapse disorder (attributed to a combination of varroa mite and pesticides in the environment – the latter which we don’t use, but with bees having up to a 2 mile radius for finding pollen, the many surrounding neighbors who do spray are definitely of concern to us), I picked up our two Oregon-raised nucs in Portland last weekend and brought the ladies home to give it another try. Our beekeeping guru in the city lost 40% of his huge number of hives, and said each year in the city he is treating his hives a bit earlier for varroa, so we are moving it up as well as a precaution, in hopes our bees will not only last til next year, but will be sharing their honey with us as they once did! As flowers are a bit behind here at the coast compared to the city, we’ve got them on some sugar syrup to help them acclimate until everything is in bloom. They are happy, and life feels a bit more like it should. And as my husband said, watching bees is better than any TV show!

Fellow beekeepers out there, how are your gals doing?

“Everybody in the hive can get what they need…There are no bees in the hive that live in this section, and we live in this section, and we have all the money and they don’t, or we have all the honey and they don’t. Everybody is cooperating, and it’s a community that depends on each other and they know that.” ~ from Global Sisters Report

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