The EcoGrrl Interview: Cindy



Cindy is an amazing HR Consultant & Coach here in Portland, providing services to small businesses, helping them create stronger teams and fun, exciting work environments. I first met Cindy 20 years ago when we both worked at the Nordstrom Rack.  Years later we reconnected, and she’s provided valuable assistance and mentorship to me as I took the leap into self-employment.

What or who inspires you most? Those that survive tragedy; the beauty of dance, knowing that I can make a difference in other people’s lives; students, when they learn something that I have taught.

What do you turn to when you need strength? I walk.

How can women best support and/or empower other women? Be authentic; show your vulnerabilities and your strengths so we can learn from each other.

What do you love to grow? What would you like to try growing someday? I love growing my roses. While it isn’t growing, I would LOVE to have goats.

What are your creative outlets?  Is there anything you’ve always wanted to try but you haven’t? I oil paint. I have always wanted to learn to play the piano.

In what environment(s) do you feel most in your element? When I am speaking or teaching in front of a group, traveling, writing (although, sometimes it’s painful), and working with a fun team.

Who are your top three nonprofits you support and/or volunteer with and why?

  1. The Humane Society – for their animal rescue work

  2. The Gentle Barn – for their animal rescue work

  3. Planned Parenthood – for choice.

What recent “green” change have you made in your own life?  What’s next? We purchased a diesel car that gets 40+ mpg. Next, we plan on a purchasing a rain barrel for our garden.

Where in the world do you consider a sanctuary?  Why? We have a villa in Mexico that is tranquil and a bit of a hideaway. This place slows us down and recharges us.  We do nothing but read, walk the beach, eat and practice yoga. Nice. At home, the garden or the yoga studio for the same reasons.

What advice would you give to your younger self? Play your big self and never, ever be small. Always be kind.

How can we as a society be more radical in supporting a healthy planet? Not super radical, but it is meaningful:  Practice more compassion for all living things and eat less meat.

What sparked your interest in environmental issues?   What’s the first “eco” thing you ever did? Recycle and reuse.

How do you live simply? I love to de-clutter.

Could you leave us with a favorite quote of yours? “Life is far too important a thing to ever talk serious about.” –Oscar Wilde


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