The Green Wedding Chronicles: Highlights of Our Big Day!

It was awesome, y’all. This is as best as I could narrow it down picture-wise…!

Waking up at Insomnia Coffee pre-ceremony with friends in Cannon Beach.

Getting ready with the help of a couple girlfriends at the hotel…which for me meant a curling iron, putting on my dress and boots, and a bit o’ lipstick.

Dan walking with our friend Peter who was one of our witnesses.

Walking down the path at Oswald West State Park to meet Dan, vows in my hand, loving the trees. (By the way, I ended up choosing this 50’s wiggle style knit purple dress by Laura Byrnes for Pinup Girl Clothing, made in the USA and incredibly comfortable – plus Dan said he wanted me to wear purple, so there ya go!)

Meeting Dan along the creek, just the two of us, then walking together to the ceremony site where our friends were waiting.

Arriving at the ceremony site, amongst the trees, past the creek and just before the shore, with just a few friends and a whole lot of greenery as witnesses.

Dan saying his vows…and looking sooo handsome!

I was so emotional throughout the entire ceremony…listening to Dan speak words he has written for me has always touched my heart so deeply…

Rather than a ring exchange (we thought taking off and putting back on the same rings seemed a bit odd), we did a blessing of the hands to seal our vows.

Yes there were tears but there were moments of laughter as well which made it so fun…Amy wrote a beautiful piece for us as our officiant…having a good friend do this makes all the difference.

Then of course it was sealed with a kiss (some traditions are worth keeping!)

Happies 🙂

And lots of congratulatory hugs!

Our first walk as husband and wife, down the path towards the beach…

Stopping for a smooch on the suspension bridge…

Peter and Rebecca, who are getting hitched this summer and have known each other since they were kids…what a beautiful couple and we were so happy they could join us! And they were the ones who pointed out an eagle flying above us as we were playing on the beach 🙂

Me ‘n ‘ my girls! I am so grateful for their friendship and support throughout the evolution of Dan & I (and for being the most wicked intelligent, awesome, fun, rad women friends one could ask for!). They’ve been my rocks and I couldn’t imagine getting married without them bearing witness.

Meanwhile my honey was writing …

Best times ever are our quiet times…

To have him as my rock, my best friend, my favorite guy in the whole world? It’s the most comforting, beautiful thing I could ask for.

Such a beautiful day we had at the beach…we were so chill and happy to be in our favorite spot…

…and a huge section of beach all to ourselves on this gorgeous day!!!

Happiness (and one of my favorite pictures taken by our photographer Ashley Forrette)

And we got seriously goofy – Dan’s silly dance that always makes me bust up, leaping over streams to race to the waves, doing silly faces (those photos are under lock & key!)…

Me n my sista Michelle, so glad she was there (and no, we didn’t try color coordinating!)

Then onto brunch at Bread & Ocean in Manzanita. Our photographer decided to not stay for brunch so we only have a few photos from this but I can say is that it was a perfect sunny morning on a private patio with crepes, coffee, and good friends. Yay!

The paperwork!

After brunch, we drove home, then had everyone meet at our house later, and walked the 3 blocks to Woodlawn Coffee & Pastry, which we’d rented out for the evening.

Love the greeting on their chalkboard (and the pies…)!!!

My dear friend Claudia started out the evening for everyone, singing Otis Reddings’ “That’s How Strong My Love Is” acapella (Dan’s request)…the lady does not disappoint…her voice was so incredibly beautiful!

Did I mention there were ribs? Crown Q catered with killer ribs, pulled pork, collard greens, mac & cheese, and red beans & rice. Cravings = fulfilled!

Julian & Charlie, our neighbor boys I’ve loved watching grow up, were definitely enjoying the food! My two favorite boys even drew us pictures as part of our wedding gift!

Love seeing my friends enjoying themselves and each others’ company!

Did I mention Gretchen from WCP made blueberry, strawberry-rhubarb and sweet potato pie, cookies, and bread pudding? Yeah bay-beeee!

But y’all I’ve got to say the best part of the night for me was giving my husband his wedding present – a serenade by my longtime friend, singer Shirley Nanette, who I first met 20+ years ago working for Nordstrom as her personal shopper. We tried to go see her a year ago when Dan was in from Oz and she was unfortunately in the hospital, so he’d always heard about her and wanted to hear her live someday. So she popped in and kissed him on the cheek before he even knew what was going on and proceeded to sing him “My Funny Valentine” and brought the house down, not to mention a tear or two to my honey’s face. Best surprise I’ve ever kept!!

Getting a little time to eat and socialize with her, and have some friends meet her too was lovely. I always dreamed of having her sing someday at my wedding but never thought I could make it happen. She even brought us some lovely champagne glasses. Yay for love!

Yay for friends! Yay for love! Yay for Levens!

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