their world

her body always shivered when she slept away from him. they tossed and turned without each other’s touch. after a long time apart, they’d always come back together and he would gently re-fit her curves to his, leaving no stone unturned until everything was just as he remembered it.  she loved how he would gently bite the curve of her waist, remembering the way her skin tasted after their weeks apart, and he loved how when he laid on his stomach, she would slither over him, her breasts barely touching his back as she would nuzzle into his neck then rise up to ponder every freckle, the way his shoulders narrowed into a waist that became the legs she loved.  she had the kind of curves he liked…she wasn’t bony by any stretch and she no longer had abs of steel.  his girl was soft and curvy.  she had warm ivory skin with a pinkish hue which was so sensitive to his touch.  he would rub his unshaven face against her skin, burying himself in her belly and thighs til she giggled in such a way that he knew.  he knew he was home when he was inside her.


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