this just in.

my mind is fluttering about you know and my body has felt uncomfortable today, fretting and astray. that world, that boy, that life. and snap, it’s gone. she eats up his presence and is reminded how different boys are from girls and she is pulled in. tilt ya head back and laugh.

last night i was a presence. i felt it all around me, sex and madness and laughter and peace and music, all amuss and afuss and sweet as hell. no way of comprehending those moments of joy and no particular desire to pick it apart.

there is art and bad coffee and i am avoiding that world as i just vanna be alone and yet at the same time have this slow flame inside of me. i touch my hand to my chest and my breath slows. i remember that boy last summer whose mere fingertips tracing my collarbone turned me into …

oh what was i talking about? i am present. i swear.

my garden is eating me up, i think about tomatoes constantly, i am earth mother and punk rock grrl rolled up into one. one of you talks about pizza and i am hungry. nothing creative departing the sphere tonight but damnit if the sun has not peeked out once again and i’m wishing someone would help me eat these strawberries as i wander about the garden barefoot. i remember that boy in college who played with me in the mud with glee then washed my feet and …

where is all of this coming from? it’s like hitting a spike strip and these memories have been cascading out of my mind from my past life. well i told one of my girls what it probably was yet somehow i feel a bit shy saying it on the ol’ blog. hmm.

tonight there is softness and there is just me, but around me it’s whispering, purring, convincing.


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