Three Hours of Awesome: Madonna 2015

Yes it was the best concert of my 41 years. Worth every penny no question.

I snapped a few photos, shown below. I sang, I danced, I cried, I cheered. I bought the hoodie (super soft) and the BITCH tank top and the program. I didn’t need a t-shirt with tour dates to prove to others I was there. I was there. I wore just what I always ended up wearing to the clubs in my 20’s – clothes I could DANCE in. Black tank, black pants, black boots. While some costumed it up (everything from wedding dresses to cone bras to lace tank tops to jazzercise leotards), my homage was simply black rubber bracelets (but not a zillion like I used to have). I left the venue sweating like a club grrrl and on top of the world.

I went solo but quickly found several fun gals around me – including (get this) the two in front of me who just happened to be from my husband’s hometown of St Kilda, and lived just a few blocks from his old flat! They were going to all the West Coast shows…how cool is that…

As a side note – I rarely go to concerts anymore. So I was dumbfounded at how so many were more obsessed with filming it on their phones – NOT dancing, NOT singing along, NOT looking to be having any fun or enjoying the moment whatsoever!!! What was hilarious? Her stage was a cross with a heart at the end so unless you were in the nosebleeds, you had good seats. Mine were on the side, first riser, and facing the middle of the cross, and IMHO better than the main floor as I could see all sides of the stage.

With the price of tickets and my husband’s lack of enthusiasm (at least to my level, ha) I went solo. I was supposed to meet up with two fellas I know but they ended up flaking so…whatever! IT WAS PHENOMENAL. The theatrics and dancing and sets were tremendous – she really takes good care of her audience. Next time (if she doesn’t wait another 30 years to come…although my 71 year old self would go, hahaha) the hubby will come – after seeing the show I know he’d have appreciated its artistic value 🙂

And while it’s not erased the fucked-upped-ness of this week’s news, it certainly was therapeutic. It certainly gave me a beautiful escape that I so desperately needed. After all, sometimes ya gotta just dance it out.

I’ve included the set list at the end 🙂


The amazing set list:

  1. Iconic

  2. Bitch I’m Madonna

  3. Burning Up – my second favorite of the night, love that song and she did it on electric guitar, so kick ass

  4. Holy Water / Vogue

  5. Devil Pray / Messiah

  6. Body Shop

  7. True Blue (acoustic) – my favorite of the night, I actually wept, thinking of my love

  8. Deeper and Deeper

  9. Heartbreak City / Love Don’t Live Here Anymore

  10. Like A Virgin / Erotica / Heartbeat / S.E.X. / Justify My Love

  11. Living for Love

  12. La Isla Bonita

  13. Dress You Up / Into the Groove / Lucky Star

  14. Secret – my third favorite of the night – and shockingly I was briefly on the big screen! whoa…

  15. Rebel Heart / Illuminati

  16. Music / Give It 2 Me

  17. Candy Shop

  18. Material Girl

  19. La Vie en Rose (Fr.)

  20. Unapologetic Bitch

  21. Holiday (encore!)


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