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So, y’all, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism when I was in my late 20’s, only because my mother had suggested I get it checked.  I was promptly put on Synthroid and never told about any other options, just that this is what I had to take.  Bam.

And then I learned that “The problem with prescriptions like Synthroid (levothyroxine) is that once you go on them, your thyroid backs down, and it can be difficult to get off of thyroid replacement drugs.” (source).  Basically, your body depends on the Synthroid instead of itself to produce the hormones.


After reading about these long term effects of synthetic hormones on the glands, I decided to turn to my naturopath to learn more about my thyroid and take a holistic, rather than the traditional Western (targeted) perspective, and see if there was anything I could do nutritionally and other healthy ways to address this issue.

Unlike any doctor I’ve ever had before, she allowed me to go out and get my own blood test, telling me which panels to get, which allowed me to find the lowest cost lab service as well as have the results come to myself directly as well as my doctor.  What a concept – actually seeing your medical results instead of having them locked up in a file.

Taking a holistic perspective meant that my doctor and I examined how my blood was acting in many different ways – not just checking my T3 levels.  We found that my current level of Synthroid is not working, and even though it was increased just last year, my results are still way out of whack and action is needed.

With this, she gave me a variety of options, including going to my original doctor to have her prescribe a higher dose of Synthroid.  She gave me a middle choice, of complementing my current dose with an alternative remedy.  And finally, she gave me a natural replacement hormone (Armor) to try – which I have decided to begin tomorrow.

In addition, we are examining my diet and supplements, with a natural prescription including:

* Adding B-Complex which will provide B-12 and Folate. * Eating 3 brazil nuts per day, which contain a daily dose of Selenium, important for strong thyroid health. * Testing my body’s reaction to the big things:  gluten, dairy, eggs.  For three weeks I’m going to be off all three, then slowly reintroduce them and see what ones affect my body.  Then test my blood again and see where we’re at. * Replace my bike.  Looking at the Scott Sub 20.  Meow!

So with this all written down like I need, here I go.  But in the meantime, I just had my last serving of my delicious homemade stacked chicken enchiladas…sigh…here we GO!


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