last super super hot day of the year.  95 today and i have just been wilting, but my tomatoes are still turning red.  with the cooling down to the 70’s (and a normal september weather pattern, finally), it was time to do the part i hated – trimming back the bushes, trimming off all the new blossoms, so that all the energy could go into making the romas go from green to red (or, in the grape case, from green to yellow). and of course, with harvesting so much each day, means you can when it’s ready to can.  the yellow grape tomatoes have been the old reliables, coming out perfectly and abundantly.  the san marzanos have challenged me – abundant, but with blossom end rot that has taken out about half the crop, and a sizable number of misshapen or wrinkly tomatoes, signifying black on the inside seeds.  so, like last year, i took advantage of the yellows to combine them with the roma for the chopped tomatoes that i canned.  still, however, not the quantity i would have liked to see.  do i need an acre of them? haha, perhaps.


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