Truffle Season!

To further woo prospective buyers at tonight’s artist reception for Siren Nation I’ve made some of my famous hand-rolled truffles, with tonight’s being pumpkin bittersweet chocolate, sprinkled with pumpkin pie spice on the outside. A quickie batch as I had only about 2/3 lb of chocolate but hopefully 3 dozen will quiet the masses and make them close their eyes with bliss and open their pocketbooks?

I do sell my truffles as well for $20/dozen if there are any prospective buyers out there…I ship for the holidays and while I can do just about any flavor, the most popular by far have been 1) ginger spice, 2) creme de menthe, and 3) cayenne pepper. They are organic AND vegan so no worries if you have dairy issues. Super yum.

I am contemplating experimenting with some cheeses like gorgonzola and chevre to see how the tastes might collide. Last year I rolled ’em with whole fresh blueberries from my mom’s garden which were really good, and have made cinnamon, grand marnier, kahlua, raspberry, chipotle, and of course, classic bittersweet. Truffle rolling by hand is more time consuming but very zen and each one has it’s own personality 🙂

I’ve asked a friend of mine to help me better photograph my truffles, but in the meantime here’s a few shots of the pumpkin truffles still drying on the racks…

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