truffle truffle truffle truffle…

what makes me zen? making my truffles. a big fat five pound bag of scharffen berger bittersweet chocolate (bought 3 of them, sigh…), raw honey, and some other lovelies and i’m good to go. a favorite customer of mine ordered gorgonzola truffles, and my god i thought i was going to pass out at how lovely they tasted. the big winner in my repertoire happens to be ginger spice. i’ve made a lot of flavors, from cinnamon to raspberry to cayenne to espresso to pumpkin to blueberry, but the ginger spice is always the most popular. well, they ARE pretty incredible.

which got me to thinking about my creativity and confidence. when it comes to my photography, it’s like an extension of my soul. i am incredibly sensitive about it and have no desire to take photos for someone else in a photojournalistic or traditional studio way. i want to take the kind of photos i want to take, and find it very challenging to take much ‘constructive’ criticism. i.e., tell me what your favorites are but don’t tell me you don’t like it. so, probably not the ideal career path for full time financial success, without a few trips to the doc’s sofa to explore. and yes, maybe i’ll explore it eventually with her, but…

when it comes to my desserts, i don’t have that thing where i take it so personally. some folks just aren’t chocolate people. those who are love my truffles. and i make enough non-chocolate desserts to know that there’s something for everyone. even those who don’t like sweets. my cardamom shortbread, for example, is like biting into autumn. adults like it more than kids because it’s not sugary. well, very little that i make is ‘sugary’. i want to taste the flavors, the feeling, the sensations of the food. my first etsy order from afar was a complete stranger – not sure how she happened upon my website, but she ordered a dozen espresso bittersweet truffles and her feedback was that they were good and well made, but she prefers ‘sweeter’ and ‘creamier’. so for me? no offense taken. why? i make bittersweet truffles – they’re not meant to be super sweet or super creamy. and since they are vegan (i use soy creamer, not regular cream), there’s no cow involved. so ya know, it is what it is, as the overused phrase reminds us.

and this all is so fantastic to realize for me right now. because all i want to do is open my little chocolate shop – some coffee, some tea, some chocolate, maybe some other desserts mixed in. a little place like maggie gyllenhaal has in ‘stranger than fiction’ or juliette binoche has in ‘chocolat’. that’s the aimee world i crave, and am starting to slowly but surely materialize.

with this purchase of fifteen pounds of bittersweet chocolate, i invested in myself. i am making truffles by the dozen this weekend, so that in march, for last thursday (picture first thursdays but with a more hipster vibe) on alberta, i can try my hand at my first public offering of my truffles in that type of environment. i have sold to the occasional cafe, to friend and colleagues, and on my website, but this is where i think i can start to make a little moolah – a little side money for now and see where i can go from there. i feel so much energy when i am fulfilling this passion of mine and have no intention of being a gubament drone for the rest of my days.

Chocolate is good for three things. Two of ’em cannot be mentioned on public television.

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