Pondering the Apologies to the Stolen Generations

Why we can’t say something to this effect at the very least in our own country, for centuries of slavery, for the injustices against women, for the brutality against the non-heterosexual, for the treatment of the poor and disenfranchised…

In Australia, Prime Ministers Paul Keating and Kevin Rudd, over the past generation have shown that it can be done, taking first steps in accountability for the past, honoring those affected by history, and proving it makes you MORE of a leader to acknowledge the mistakes made by the ones who preceded us.  These are the full versions of the speeches, and need some dedicated time to watch, but are worth it, I promise.

PS - they've not done as much as they can or should in Australia, a country with rampant racism like the US, but I applaud the step in the right direction.


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