Unfinished Business

“It’s tempting, seeing how sexism and racism and xenophobia and ignorance are currently winning, to just throw in the towel and remain numb. Joke about immigrating. Drink ourselves into stupors. But that’s copping out when the fight is far from over. See, our government does not define us. We define it. If we want a better government, we can start to build one, beginning now. Because it isn’t the president our friends and family will see on a daily basis: it’s us. We are the leaders people will look to daily for guidance. And while we can’t control how President Duterte or President-Elect Trump might act, we can combat some of the ills that put them in power by being the people we wish those leaders would be.” ~ from A Roaming Tsinay’s Tomorrow Comes

I needed to read this blog post today. After being up most of the night dreading the news and up at 5am to check the horrific results of watching Hillary Clinton win the popular vote by well over 200,000 yet because of our insanely unfair electoral college system created by rich white landowners 275+ years ago that ensures that no, your vote doesn’t actually matter once there’s a majority in your state. Really, only if you’re in a “battleground state” where things could go either way, that’s when your vote matters. And so in Michigan and several other “key” states, where the largely Democratic voters didn’t even BOTHER going to the polls, we got fucked. Even though Hillary got the most votes, this sociopathic, racist, homophobic, rapist, xenophobic, woman-hating piece of shit is the president-elect.

Fuck that shit.

Ironically, even Trump himself said 4 years ago that “The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy.” After Gore won America’s popular vote in 2000 and Bush stole it with help from his brother Jeb in Florida, supposedly winning in that state’s recount by 537 votes, I realized how fucked the system was. And we saw the repercussions of that asswipe for 8 years. 9/11. Environmental fuckedness. Corporate/banking/housing greed and the crises that followed and brought our country to a real shithole.

Then Obama came and for once we all breathed. For 8 years, despite all the ways the Republican majority tried to keep anything good from happening, he made things happen. Not as aggressive of positive change as we’d have liked (remember, Obamacare was much prettier before Marco Rubio and other Republicans fucked it up and made it optional in so many ways, creating the cost issues that are now affecting so many, because they pray to the corporate gods rather than believing that all people deserve to be cared for in our country, rich or poor), but he still found ways to make things happen – while showing us that he and his family were real, kind, good-natured, funny, authentic, generous people.

On election night, my husband and I went down to the convention center for the Democratic Party with high spirits. I started out with an Old Fashioned (being between cycles, I’m taking advantage of my ability to consume alcohol – drinking for all my sistas who are mid-cycle, yeah baybeeee!). After watching the West Coast skyrocket her numbers to the lead, the crowd cheered in a beautiful way. People were there with their daughters – and sons – to witness something long overdue. My husband and I saw the first Asian-American woman elected to the Multnomah County Commission, the brilliant housing advocate and independent bookstore owner Chloe Eudaly beat the odds against a smarmy incumbent and start her political career off the way one should – at the community level.

By the time we left, I got a bourbon, straight up. The room was quiet. Before our first openly LGBT Democratic governor got to the stage, we were on our way home.

As the post said that I read today, Trump’s body count starts now, where the author said:

“I thought of the women who will be raped and sexually assaulted as his “Move on it” misogyny has been given the seal of approval from the American voter. The president of rape culture is moving into the White House. Likewise, the casualties from hate crimes inspired by his “America first” rhetoric will only increase. Americans and residents who are Muslim, black, or brown (like my wife) are not as sure they will “live through Trump” as my white friend of Facebook. There are already reports of Trump supporters in liberal Portland, Oregon screaming the “N word” at black residents on the street. It could get very ugly.”

I cried almost the whole night, barely sleeping a few hours, then waking up at 5AM to see the numbers, the votes-that-actually-count from “battleground states” that gave a man who didn’t get the most votes the keys to the oval office, the nuclear codes, and the power to fuck us all over, taking away many of our environmental, health, and human rights. The votes that gave power to a child rapist, a wife rapist, a sexual assault braggart, a racist, a xenophobe, a homophobe, and a raging sexist pig all wrapped up in one sociopathic fascist individual. The shitheads who voted for him call themselves “the silent majority” – proving that they are as dumb of fucks as we thought they were, since they clearly cannot add as Hillary won the majority by over 200,000 votes.

Here, it’s said so well:

“A vote against Trump was a repudiation of sexism, misogyny, bigotry, racism and xenophobia. For many women, it was a rejection of the blustery, bullying and swaggering arrogance of white male privilege.

A vote for Hillary Clinton was not just a vote for the preservation of rights we already have but the promise of achieving some of the goals for which we have waited so long. Equal pay. Family leave. Equal representation.

And, yes, a woman’s ascendancy to the highest office in the land.

What will I tell my daughter about a Trump triumph?

I will tell her that women still have to work twice as hard as men to achieve the same status, especially at the top echelons of power.

I will tell her that she may be called “shrill,” or “bitchy” for wielding power in the very same way that men do.

I will tell her to do it anyway, boldly and unapologetically.

I will tell her than just because a woman hasn’t been elected president doesn’t mean a woman can’t be elected president.

I will tell her that the world isn’t fair, but we should never stop working to make it just.

I will tell her that the battle goes on.”

~ from the article What do I tell my daughter, by Susan Ladd



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