10 things - grateful indeed

ten awesome things about this week, in no particular order…

1.  my magical, rad, sassy, grown-up, sophisticated, cuuuuute, fabulous new haircut.  all of these adjectives except the first were used upon me when i saw friends and coworkers for the first time.  it’s got a little flip to it and i can run my hand through it and not brush it, and it’s crazy wavy when i get out of the shower and it dries like THAT, and, i actually feel way more girlie than i did in the long ‘cindy crawford’ cut i had before.  forty bucks (okay eighty – i cut 6″ off and that wasn’t enough, so i went back days later and said chop it, baby) and i am feeling the effects.  boys and girls and general happy vibes walking around – is it the hair or is it the good energy?  probably both, but let’s just say i had some flirtatious emails come in from a few fellas, another friend of a friend is interested, and even the fella who i bought pasta from said an extra special ‘hi’ to me.  it’s like i was carrying an invisible pie out of the oven.  weird stuff.  but i’ll take it!

2.  my deck kicks ass.  my deck rocks.  my desk is the best thing EVAH.  i told that to my neighbor tonight as he walked in the house (saying “nice haircut” by the way) – he built it for me last spring, and i’m typing this li’l grateful blogpost as i sit out on aforementioned deck, drinking my second glass of syrah on a mild may evening (a rarity as it’s been unseasonably cold and rainy for the most part), and loving sitting out here watching the world go by.  

3. girls are awesome.  don’t you love watching a little group of girls around 9 or 10, holding hands and walking down the street in their own little universes?  sitting on the deck, three of varying ages from probably 6 to 10, in their flower sundresses, shyly smiled up at me and i said ‘hey girls how are ya’ and then one by one i caught them looking back at me to smile and finally one said ‘have a good day’ and the others chimed in.  so so so cute.  i know why parents want to treasure them, to never let them grow up.  because we know, soon enough, they’ll be rolling their eyes and lose that friendliness because some loser will tell them they’re weird for being outgoing and nice to people.but there are still girls out there that are older – and the more you smile, the more everyone smiles back.  as i type this, i looked up to see a girl that reminded me of me – riding her bike down my street, not in any matchy-matchy garb but regular clothes, look over at me and smile big as we both enjoyed this evening in late spring, me on my laptop writing, she on her wheels.  pretty awesome.

4.  doing what i do best and knowing that i’m good at what i do.  seems basic, but it really is nice feeling myself, at 37, finally coming into my own in my career. i’ve been evolving in it for 13 years now and really finally KNOW that i’m good at it, without having to be told.  this week i was invited to two interviews, and turned down a 2nd interview at a competitor, because of this.  instead of looking ‘up’ at the two interviewers, i faced them as equals, made THEM feel comfortable, spoke to them as peers instead of people who were more than i was.  i’ve grown up learning to obey and look up to superiors, and when you realize you have just as much to offer? that it’s a partnership, not a pyramid?  pretty awesome.  i found myself getting an offer to consult, and having a great conversation with another about partnering with organizational development at a company whose purpose is to serve kids.  it was on my terms, yet without any ego or insecurity smudging the view.  and just knowing that things will work out however they are supposed to.  that it’s pretty damn cool to sit on the fence between the baby boomers and the millenials and see both sides of the coin.

5.  my bicycle.  yes, i say it often but i love my bicycle.  my new black norco indie hybrid bicycle that makes me feel (in comparison to the trusty lug of a mountain bike) that i am like the wind.  last night i watched my coworkers playing flag football and took off into the evening, free as can be.  this morning i picked up my mayan mocha at my italian bakery and put it in my trusty drink carrier and rode into work with a fresh baked brioche in my bag.  and tonight i rode home in 70 degree sunshine, in an indigo sundress and black sandals, bangs tucked behind my ear, big black sunglasses on, and a little smile running across my face.  

6. sheet pasta.  ravioli.  pesto.  balsamic.  olive oil.  all beautiful things my friend jake makes at his business, classic foods, and supplies to local restaurants, selling to the public for a few hours on friday afternoons.  tonight i picked up a fingerling potato & taleggio ravioli, a mediterranean ravioli (artichokes and feta and olives and tomatoes), and his infamous sundried tomato pesto.  just us neighbors hittin’ up the local pasta guy.  tonight will be all about the dvd (i’ve rented imitation of life with lana turner) and a bowl of pasta and butter (i’m simple) to go with this little syrah buzz i’ve started as i write.  did i tell you jake is starting to source chocolate?  truffle grrl in the hizzow…

7. my f**king unbelievable, awesome, hilarious. generous, amazing friends.  yes i get to use the F word in a good way today.  the other night my friend invited me to be her guest at a mercy corps event and not only was i treated to a great speaker, but she is one of those kind and generous souls who is so good about not only introducing you to her many friends and colleagues, but also is so genuine about making sure they know who you are, how we are friends, and it is easy to get into the conversation. and there’s another friend, who recently had a birthday and i took her out to celebrate at my favorite local digs, and she feels just like a sister should, but better.  she’s all support, all love, all genuine, thick and thin, i adore her. she’s the kind of mom i hope to be someday (and man if her daughter is not the sassy spittin image of her, heehee). ans then there are my neighbors who several have become friends as well – the one who i had breakfast on my deck with for mothers day with her son and prospective tenant (who really, is probably way too good looking to live in my house), who feels the same way as i do about looking after each other, our houses, our elderly neighbors, and the kids in the ‘hood.  she is a spitfire and she lives life on her terms and i love her for it.  there are more friends i can tell you about, but this is just a sampling.

8.  my garden, even in this crappy season we’ve had so far.  because you know what loves rain?  spinach.  lettuce.  you know what’s hardy?  onions.  garlic.  and you know what’s exploded in a completely unnatural yet garden-sexy way?  sage.  oregano. lavender.  hot damn.  and you know what i still have a few bags left of in my freezer?  strawberries.  blueberries.  and in my pantry?  blackberry jam.  pears.  peaches.  serrano/peach salsa.  applesauce.  hells yeah. artichokes that have come back to life after first looking like death and now exploding out of my containers (purple ones, ooh!).  and potatoes, my new experiment?  they are – bu dum pum! – diggin’ it.

9.  working somewhere that i can dress like a bum, a jock, a fashionista, a rapper, a preppy, whatever.  i gotta say, i’m back to loving style.  first i thought i had to fit in and wear the requisite stripes, but you know what it is?  you can wear whatever, and that’s awesome.  girlie it up or tomboy it down, whatever.  experiment.  post links about the beastie boys as work-related topics on linkedin.  share a photo of fidel castro in his stripes or a little boy with a libyan flag in one hand, your logo on his shirt.  and, bar none, the best looking employees i’ve ever seen in my life.  as a woman in her late 30’s – god did i say that out loud? – it’s absolutely damn delicious. the sport may be dry as hell to me, but seeing soccer players never did any girl no harm.  at the competitor’s?  spread out.  antiquated.  no fun.  all uniform instead of all unique style.

10.  my blog! my blog!  for chrissake, you know i blog a lot.  my writing has taken off like crazy in the 2 1/2 years since i started blogging, at the onset of the death of my father.  and yes, to steal – or as i’ll call it, take inspiration – from the incoherent rambler, i will just thank everyone that has ever come by my blog and added to it in a positive way.  from my girl genevieve who was my first ever fan, to my girl kristin who has surprised me with beautiful handmade jewelry and a big warm fuzzy glow, to my sistas in real life who read this (even if they don’t comment, i know you’re out there), to the boys who write all political and insightful and funny, to the sista in a white space, to the northwest girls who have de-blogged but i now consider my friends in real life.  how cool is that.  this blog has allowed me to explore every side of myself from the autobiographical to the musical to the photographic to the poetic to the documentarian to the chocolatier.

What a wonderful life I’ve had!  I only wish I’d realized it sooner.   ~Colette


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