Vacation Day: Buck Lake

A real day off. No emails, no texts, no cell phone service to interrupt our day away. We’ve decided once a month to get a Zipcar and go somewhere new each time, exploring areas just outside the city. Tuesday I took him to a place in the Mt Hood National Forest I’d only been once before, six years ago with a girlfriend, so it was almost new (got lost on the way and everything!) 🙂  On a 95 degree day, escaping the city into the woods and slipping into a quiet alpine lake with very few people around? Perfection.

Ladies and gentlemen, Buck Lake.

(PS – no photoshopping done, this is actually how the lake looks!)

Heading up the trail. And I mean UP. It’s not an easy place to find and there is no GPS or even very good road signs, and it’s a bitch of a short climb from the trailhead – but man is it lovely when you arrive at the top!


Ahh, happiness. Did I mention the lake is NOT ice cold??

Chillin’ out on a blanket watching the sun fall upon the trees…it’s so quiet here, just listening to the wind rustling the leaves is a gorgeous thing…

Really shallow initially so you can wade or swim quite far out, not to mention it’s so clear that you can see the turtles and fish and even a lizard or two! Next time we’re bringing an air mattress 🙂

A little panorama shot for y’all…not bad for a Tuesday in July!

Emerging from the water and feelin’ so serene…there are photos of us swimming but we’re gonna keep those to ourselves in the interest of modesty!! 🙂


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